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Today, We will talk about the most common WordPress comment blacklist issues and also about WordPress comment moderation.

On my website, I got 200+ spam comment on every day form only one post, it’s a huge amount.

First of all, I don’t give importance to all of those, when seeing the 6k comment have on pending comments and all of those are a spam comment. I have to delete all of those comments one by one.

It’s very discussing where all comment has on the pending comment and also the real comment has impossible to find on those spam comment.

Today I will talk about the real solution how I fixed these issues and get the release form WordPress spam comment and how you can make blacklist automatically all of those spam comments and also the best setting of comment moderation.

Let’s begin…

I finaly got the after install “Shield Security” plugin, it’s a very effective plugin and you will get a lot of useful options on it. if you just install it and active you don’t get a solicitor form spam comment. You have to setup up some options to make spam comment in blacklist like this:

After installing and activating the Shield Security plugin you get an option on the left sidebar “Shield Security” click on that,
And then you have to go settings -> Comments SPAM, here you have to do all of those settings.

Leave “Comment Setting”, click “Bot SPAM”, Enable” SPAM Bot Protection” and on Default SPAM Action, make it “Mark As SPAM” to “Move To Trash”.

That’s all, and you can also enable reCAPTCHA option if you want to enable reCaptcha you have to set up Google reCAPTCHA API on settings -> Google reCAPTCHA.

if you have successfully able to done to do this, all blacklist comment automatically goes on the trash and you can easily delete all of those to click “Empty Trash” button.


Also, the Akismet plugin is another solution for blacklist comment, but it can’t work on some comment.

Another custom solutions have for WordPress comment blacklist but this not much more effective.

The solution is you have to add some list of words to blacklist on WordPress, Setting -> Discussion -> Comment Blacklist.
Where you will get latest comment blacklist word?
For this, you have to go on this Github project.
Then click blacklist.txt or this link
Copy all the blacklist word and paste on Comment Blacklist box, and click “Save Changes” to save.

“Also you can check the video, I have show everything how you can do this.”

That’s all about the WordPress comment blacklist and comment moderation. If you have any questions about it please comment, I will try to give the solutions.

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