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Today, it’s all about What Font Does Apple Use in Ads and Marketing

Today is a very interesting topic, I’m going to talk about What font does apple use in ads, if you are looking something this type, The content is perfect for you.

So, let’s begin…

Apple font journey on ads was with three different font.

Form very beginning apple start using ITC Garamond typeface font it’s called Apple Garamond on their marketing, ads and all other products form last 18 year.

At 2003 apple was gradually starting using Adobe’s Myriad font to 2017 on ads, marketing and also on other products.

And form 2017 apple switched with there own San Francisco font that was specially made for the operating system. Apple still uses San Francisco font on there all products and ads.

If we are looking form very beginning when Apple starting their company, at least 18 years Apple has used a custom font called Garamond, this form apple was used on everywhere on marketing, operating systems, and industrial design. This is a custom variant of font ITC Garamond typeface, that also used on Apple first logo.

In 2002 apple gradually shifted to the Myriad font for there ads and marketing and packaging. On this time a new product was released the font has changed serif Apple Garamond to the sans-serif Myriad Apple. Form 2002–2017 for Apple’s marketing, apple was used Adobe’s Myriad font.

On 2017 apple switched to San Francisco font that was there own custom font first has used on the Apple watch. Gradually it has used on there all products website, iPhone, AirPods, MacBook Pro or other devices. Apple still uses San Francisco font for there advertising and marketing or all other products.

Bonus for you, the most usable font in advertising

No.1 “Helvética” it’s probably the most usable font that was created in 1957. This font has many variants and the typeface are very versatile design, you can also use it in your advertisement.

No.2 “Bodoni” it was created in 1798, this font typeface has created for advertising and press and it also has used on the press.

No.3 “Avenir” it’s a classic typeface font created in 1988.

No.4 “Univers” this is the most used typefaces in advertising & in the media, on the 20th century, it was created in 1957.

No.5 “Arial” is the most usable and default font on most of software and application.

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