We will see all the San Francisco Font Alternative

That you can use as a Alternative of San Francisco on your project or on your PC.

The beautiful and nice looking San Francisco Font Alternative, we don’t get same to same as like San Francisco but we can find a similar one or alternative. if you don’t have San Francisco you can use those fonts as an alternative of San Francisco font.

So, let’s see…

At first, I will say Helvetica Neue is very closer to the San Francisco, then Graphik font is close to San Francisco so you can use it as an Alternative, also Neuzeit S and Calibre font.

Helvetica Neue font as a Alternative of San Francisco font

if you used iPhone IOS before 2015, they were used Helvetica Neue on the IOS platform. And then apple launched there own custom San Francisco font, that was inspired by Helvetica Neue.

So, you can also be used Helvetica Neue as an alternative to San Francisco font.
San Francisco font has built for a consistent cross-platform better experience, Now apple broadly use San Francisco font on everywhere on the apple website, apple watch, iOS and Mac.

Graphik font as a Alternative of San Francisco font

Graphik is not similar but it very close to SF UI font.
Graphik designed in 2009, It supports Latin, Greek & Cyrillic alphabets. You can check the similarity on the preview.

Neuzeit S font as a Alternative of San Francisco font

Neuzeit S is designed in 1959 and it’s sans-serif typeface, font family. It bit more similar to San Francisco font family you can use it as an alternative.


And you can also check Calibre font as an alternative.

Or I will highly recommend Roboto to use as an alternative of San Francisco font and it also free to use on google fonts. Roboto is similar to San Francisco outstandingly there has only a little difference.

if you’re windows user, so you don’t have to worry about it how you can use or the San Francisco font has support on your windows.
Now Windows support.OTF(OpenType), .TTF(TrueType), & .FNT. font-family and you can download directly San Francisco OTF font form apple official website, to learn more details about San Francisco Font Download, you can check this article.

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