Today, it’s all about the Download Google Fonts for Offline Use or Locally Use

Going to talk about the google font for download google fonts for offline use and also download google fonts locally with 4 different options, it’s going to be very interesting because in this you’ll learn all the possible way how to use download google fonts for offline and locally.

There is the google all font download link, you can download all the fonts and use offline to install on your pc and add to your project.

About the google font

Google font was launched in 2010 and google it revamped in 2011 and 2016. Previously Google has web font services it’s called Google Web Fonts on that listed was 916 free-licensed fonts. You can directly use google fonts on your projects by CDN linking and all font is free to use. Google font is the largest web font services ever. Over 19 billion times has been downloaded from google font. Today, Total of 922 font have listed on google font, The most popular font is on google font are Roboto, Open Sans, Lato, Slabo 27px/13px, Oswald and Source Sans Pro, etc.

Option 1: Download all Google fonts and use locally

It’s very easy on the above you will see a download button of all the Google font on zip format. If you are looking at all the Google font in one folder, then it’s options for perfect for you. Just click the download button to download all the font and unzip the file then select all to press crtl+a for mac(cmd+a) to select all font and right click to install all the font on your PC at a time.

Option 2: download Google fonts for offline use

This is the way to download a single Google font on Google font official website at fonts.google.com. if you are looking to download Google single font by name or specific font that you need, this option is perfect for you. Just go to the fonts.google.com website, then search the font which one you looking for. Then you will see a plus icon click on that, Then the font will be selected that you are looking for, then select the bottom black bar, then you can customize to select font italic, bold, medium variant, on right top you will see a download button, to click on that the font, that you have selected it will be download. Then unzip the folder and install on your computer.

Option 3: Download all Google fonts form GitHub & use offline

Here is the GitHub Google Font project link, just click on here to go the project on GitHub (https://github.com/google/fonts). This is the project package for Google font, where have all fonts on ttf format. On the right top, you’ll see a button “Clone or download” click on that and then you will see Download zip button, click on that to download.
Or just simply click on the link to download

after unzipping the package that you have download, you will see many file and folder, fonts have on three fonder on apache, ofl, ufl
and then install all the fonts use and enjoy.

Option 4: Single Google fonts download

It’s very simple, easy and very helpful for offline projects if you are looking for a Google font to use office on your project, this step is perfect for you. Because it’s provided all the web format eot,woff,woff2,ttf,svg that need for a web project.
Simple click on here to go the website(google-webfonts-helper.herokuapp.com/fonts/), then on the left top, you will see a search button, search the font which on are you looking for, simple you are looking Roboto font, so type Roboto you will see all the Roboto font, select them, then you will get all of the options serially. On 4 number option you will see a download button, simply click on that to download the font you will get all the included formats as eot,ttf,svg,woff,woff2.
And you will also get here the font-face CSS for all the formats, so use this and enjoy.

How you can use Google fonts on your offline web project

For web project, there are five types of formats you need for the project Because for different browser support different type of font format, for example, eot,ttf,svg,woff,woff2, All font format you need to add on your project. For use google font on your project, Just flow the step 4, or click here to go the website. Then search the font on the top left search bar then select the font. After selecting the font you will see all of those options, font-face CSS and font download option, On the bottom have a download button, download this and create a font folder on your project. And then paste the all fonts on the font folder. Copy the font-face CSS and Then paste the CSS on your CSS file make sure the font URL path is correct that you have added on the font folder.

How to Download Google fonts for locally using on word and Photoshop

To use locally on word and Photoshop, just flow the first step, you just have to download all the google fonts for the download button and install the font on your computer then it automatically added on word and Photoshop, if you are already open word & Photoshop just close it and reopen and enjoy.

That is all for all the possible options how you can download Google fonts for locally or offline use on your computer or web projects.

Hope this article will helpful for you if have any questions just comment and please share with your friend.
And enjoy the google font, it’s very cool for daily basis use.

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